Val Chan


I am both artist and crafter.  I work across multiple mediums and am happiest when I have brush, pencil, hook or needle in hand.  I am so pleased with this opportunity to share what I’ve created with you.

Please wander about this website to see my latest endeavors.

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“I have never met an art medium or craft project I haven’t wanted to try.”

Where you can find me:

We’re in the thick of winter now.  On the coldest, darkest days I fight the temptation to crawl under the covers  with my puppy and nap the hours away.  Instead, I am firmly ensconced in my studio working my way through two exciting projects.

The first project is to create 50 original works for the Charlotte Arts and Science Council’s Community Supported Art program.  It’s a big challenge and a whole lot of work, but I am thrilled to be part of this program.

My second project is participating in the Sketchbook Project.  When I learned of the opportunity to join this crowd-funded museum of sketchbooks, I couldn’t wait to sign on!

If you are interested in seeing my work in person, please contact me at  I’d be happy to meet with you at my studio in the very cool C3 Lab.  A selection of my paintings and drawings are on display (and available for purchase) there.  I am now located in the C3 Maker Space, absolutely loving it and itching to show it off to you!

It all beckons

Oil paints
Acrylic paints
Pen and ink
Hand stitching
Needle felting
Jewelry making