Felt Gift Envelopes

Felt Gift Envelopes

Want to add a little handmade touch to a gift card or cash kind of gift?  I think these felt envelopes are just the thing.  Simple and quick to make – which is a good thing since we’re only 2 days away from Christmas!  You can stitch in a little extra embellishment on the flap if you have the time (I don’t), but I think they’re cute as is.

How to make these guys?

  1. Cut out a bullet-shaped piece of felt.  Cut either a length of rickrack or ribbon about one inch longer than width of felt.
  2. Fold bottom of felt up to form envelope.  Lay the rickrack crosswise.  Tuck rickrack ends between folded pieces of felt.
  3. Pin.
  4. Sew one seam up each side of envelope.  I hand stitched my envelopes, but if you have to power through a bunch of these, I’d suggest hopping over to the sew machine to do this.
  5. Stuff gift card, cash or even homemade coupons into your new gift envelope.
  6. Secure envelope flap under rickrack

And that’s all there is to this project.  My boys are getting two envelopes each in their stockings.  One envelope to house their Christmas money from Momsy.  One envelope to hold their “Piano Practice Pass” and “Stay Up One Hour Later” coupons from me.  I’d planned to round out their stocking by adding in candies and such, but decided I preferred this homemade detail instead.

On that note, I still have a lot of holiday prepping to do, so I’d better get to it.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Simon’s Angry Birds

Simon’s Angry Birds

When I decided to open up my studio last spring, one thing my family & I didn’t really understand was the sheer number of hours I’d be “sequestered” in that space… 

Now here we are, six month later.  Studio almost 3 months old.  Basic structure established.  Lots more growing to do.  And me in the studio 6 out of 7 afternoons a week.  How does this affect our family time?  Well, sadly, it’s definitely cramping our together time.  But the nice thing is, when my boys feel like seeing me, they are always welcome to come by the studio to hang out and to help out.

They’ve swept, mopped, washed windows and even gotten on their hands and knees to scrub paint and goop off the floor.  Those are the yuck jobs.  They’re also learning to sew.  And creating little displays to inspire others to try out crafts.

Here’s what Simon & I dreamed up as a mini-display for the register counter.  Hedge by me. Yellow bird by Ethan.  But the true inspiration by my 10-year-old.

Thanks Simo!