October Group Crafting – Scrapbook Cardstock Cutouts

October Group Crafting – Scrapbook Cardstock Cutouts

Got a new craft challenge.
I’m to provide a monthly craft project for a lovely group of ladies,
subject to the following constraints:
We will have only one and a half hours crafting time.
 A materials budget of $10 (or less) per person.
Low to no prior skill level assumed.
But end product must be something each of us would be proud to display.

Sounds like a rather tall order, doesn’t it?
I am SO going to enjoy planning these craft sessions.
Just hope the ladies like it too.

For our first crafting session in October,
  I”m following in the footsteps of The Scrapbook Table’s “Wall Flower.”

Because of time and budget constrains,
I’ve modified the project.
If you like my simplified version, please read on.
But I recommend you also take a look at the original project.

Mod Podge (or white glue)
Cheap paint brush (for Mod Podge)
Scrapbook cardstock

Here’s where I confess that I cheated a little on the budget for this project.
Though I bought them at a 50% discount,
I still spent my entire craft budget on frames for everyone.
The rest of the materials will come out of my personal stash.
In this case,
the frames kick the final product up a notch from…
“This looks good only because she zoomed in on the pic”
“This will look great hanging in my house.”

There’s not much to how to make this project.
Start by cutting the base cardstock to fit the frame.
(I chose square frames with an 8 inch by 8 inch opening.)
Then choose 4-5 complimentary cardstock colors and designs.
Cut a handful of small rectangles in the assorted colors.
Freehand trim rectangles into leaf shapes.
Cut one small circle for the center of the design.
Arrange cutouts to whatever shape pleases you.
Then glue or mod podge cutouts onto base paper.
Allow drying time.
Pop the paper into the frame and it’s ready for display.


“Splat!” (a.k.a Abstract Art)

“Splat!” (a.k.a Abstract Art)

It’s been nothing but art, art, art around here.
Deep breath.
I’m tired.

“Splat 1” (Oil on 8×8 inch canvas)

Happy to say I completed my  three chair paintings for next week’s show.
Not posting them yet…
If you can make it over,
I’d sure like to share them with you in person first.
You can find my chairs & me at:

INTERSECTION: The Artists of C3Lab
Friday, October 6, 2017

At Gallery C3
2525 Distribution Street
Charlotte, NC 28203

“Splat 2” (Oil on 8×8 inch canvas)

Someone asked me recently,
“How do you know when your painting is finished?”

I think I mumbled some incoherent pseudo-answer.
The truth is,
I never know when the painting is “finished.”
I just know when I can’t bring myself to add even one more brushstroke to the canvas.
So I must be “done”…
Or at least, done enough…

“Splat 3” (Oil on 8×8 inch canvas)

The thing is,
I find realistic painting exhausting.
So many ways I can go awry.
I’m looking, thinking, evaluating and questioning the entire time I’m painting (and repainting).
It’s hard to feel anything except criticism for my own work.

If you ask me today about what kind of painter I am,
I’d say “fairly mediocre with potential for growth and improvement.”
…But it’s going to take time and practice…
And that’s freaking difficult and very taxing.

So today,
when that put-the-brush-down-right-now moment with the chairs came,
I had to just sign my name and be done with it.

I picked up my palette knife and turned to some unfinished abstract pieces with a huge sigh of relief.

“Splat 4” (Oil on 8×8 inch canvas)

I’m sure there are all sorts of rules for abstract painting.
Criteria that makes a piece successful or not.
But when it comes to abstract?

I don’t care.
I just enjoy.
I grab the colors I’m feeling in the moment.
And Splat.

Perhaps I’ll get more critical with my abstract work in the future.
But today.
Today is purely for fun.
And I’m satisfied with that.

“Splat 1” (Oil on 8×8 inch canvas)

Work in Progress: “Waiting”

Work in Progress: “Waiting”

Work in progress: “Waiting”
This is the second of three paintings I’m prepping for an upcoming exhibit.

I’ve put a lot of hours into this project.
And am learning quite a bit in the process.
It’s not just about the painting.
It’s about the story I’m trying to weave between these three pieces.
It’s about staying focused.
Working through the details.
Ignoring my inner critic when it tells me my efforts aren’t good enough and this series is stupid…
Not trashing the work when I’m frustrated…
But continuing on when I’m tired of all three of them.

Apologies if I’ve been extra disjointed and curt these last few posts.
But there’s a painting deadline to meet.
And it’s past time to get back to my easel.


4 More Poppets

4 More Poppets

Oh happy day.
The original 5 poppets sold!!

I hung them Thursday night in my CAL studio.
They were gone Saturday morning.
To say I am delighted would be an understatement.
I am beyond tickled that my quirky characters resonated with others.

The only drawback to this quick sale is the empty space left on my studio wall.
That just won’t do.
I took a break from painting to create 4 new poppets.
Please be introduced to

Clown Poppet.
Patchwork Poppet.
Puppy Poppet.
Jester Poppet.

These funny little guys crack me up.
I’ve got new poppets clamoring to get out of my head.
But they’ll have to be patient.
There’s a painting deadline looming up before me
a whole different art idea sizzling and screaming for attention.

Any day with art bubbling over is a good one.
Oh happy day!

“Clown Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)

“Patchwork Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)

“Puppy Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)

“Jester Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)


The Poppets

The Poppets

I’ve had dolls on my mind.
My plan was to sew a few.
Floppy rag dolls with a touch of creepy in them.
But I just haven’t been in the mood to pull out needle and thread.
So I sketched them instead.

As I often do,
I started by taking a look at hand sewn dolls on Pinterest.
So many nifty creations.
My favorites were the more primitive big headed messier dolls.
I liked the look of the lopsided heads, clumsy stitching and button eyes.

I pulled out pens, started playing…
and ended up with the poppets.
Pigtails Poppet.
Witchie Poppet.
Girlie Poppet.
Kitty Poppet.

The poppets crack me up.
I had SO much fun drawing them…
I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of the poppets.

“Pigtails Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)

“Witchie Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)

“Franken-Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 10×10 inch canvas)

“Girlie Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)

“Kitty Poppet” for the “Spooky” Collection (Mixed Media on 8×10 inch canvas)