Graffiti Art Family Time

Graffiti Art Family Time

Arts and crafts were a daily thing when my boys were little.
But no longer.
Legos usurped crayons, paint and paper.
Then gaming crept in and crowded out free play.
Sports and school work became a priority.
And one day,
I realized I was the last one standing with paintbrush in hand.

I miss making art with my boys.
I think it’s a crying shame they’ve stepped away from drawing, painting and making.
Maybe it’s just because I’m their mom…
But darn it!
It’s NOT just because I’m their mom.
Those boys have an eye and a knack for the artsy stuff.
  I wanted to lure them back.

The bait?
A half dozen cans of Montana Gold spray paint and assorted sized canvases.
Did it work?
Did it ever!
Let me show you.

I pitched the idea of trying some graffiti art to my 15 year old.
Since he’d finished his homework and wasn’t rushing off to play basketball,
he actually agreed to come out & play with me!

We set up shop in our backyard and started experimenting with the paints.
It was a little messy.
A little smelly.
And a whole lot of fun.
We were immediately engrossed in the process.

As soon as he noticed something interesting was going on in the backyard,
my 12 year old ran out to join us.

My only words of caution to the boys?
“Just don’t get it in your eyes.”

There is something so satisfying out of watching your kid create something.

How mom-ish of me to get all choked up over this afternoon of together time?
Well I am a mom.
And I was completely, overwhelmingly, delightedly happy in this moment.

 I sure do love my boys.

You know what the cherry on top of all this was?

We ended up in the backyard again the very next afternoon.
E spray painted a ghostly mickey.

Si reworked his original painting.
Then proudly hung it up in his room.

We’re considering collaborating on one more big piece to hang in our hallway.
How cool is that?

A Dozen on Display

A Dozen on Display

A dozen of my paintings just went up on display at
The Church at Charlotte’s Matthews Campus.
And just last month,
I did my Whimsical exhibit at the church’s South Park Campus.

I am so thankful to my church for offering me these opportunities to share my art.

Chances are, you’re not schlepping to the Matthews Campus to see these paintings.
So here are images of all twelve for you to peruse.


“Green Vase”

“Indigo” and “Another Dozen”

“View from Morning Coffee” and “Drop”

“The Green 1” and “The Green 2”

“En Route”

“Sherbet Plain” and “Water”

“Hydrangea in Red”

I think some of these paintings were quite successful.
I already know where I’m hanging my favorites when this exhibit is over.
Though recently,
the paintings I’ve intended to keep for my home have sold…
But that’s a good thing, right?

My results on a few of them were abysmal.
I wish I could have painted over those.

I’m learning the rhythm of being an artist.
There sure is a lot of alone time in the studio.
I might be in the mood to paint or draw each day.
Or I might not be.
But it doesn’t matter because the discipline is to keep creating.
Even if it’s just a little bit each day.
It’s important to stay alert.
To keep building that body of work.
To be ready.
Because when the opportunity pops up to show my art,
I’ve either been producing or I haven’t…
  I either have art to show or I don’t.
The idea of course, is that I’ve been chipping away at my art.
And when the query comes about whether or not I can be ready to hang an exhibit,
  my answer is an emphatic “yes!”









It’s where people from all over the world create and then share.
Each participant chooses a creative action.
Does it 100 times.
Records that action with a quick pic.
Then adds the appropriate hashtags & posts to instagram.
Simple as that.

You know I couldn’t resist joining in.
Never mind that I’m running around like a bat out of hell…
Out of breath.
Always trying to catch up.
And ignoring the steady build up of paperwork on my desk.
Something creative?
  That I compulsively do 100 times?
Why not?

I am currently 10 days into the 100 day project.
So far… so decent.
Harder than I thought it’d be.
It’s definitely making me think.
And forcing me to play.
Overall, that’s a good thing.
Though I’ve already had days I kicked myself for starting this.

My “creative action” is to create 100 mixed media drawings.
No particular theme.
Just quick and simple.
With the goal to keep an open mind and to complete one drawing a day for all 100 days.

Without further ado,
Here’s what I’ve drawn these first 10 days:

1/100 (watercolors, pen, washi tape)

2/100 (watercolor, pen, washi tape)

3/100 (watercolor pencils, pen)

4/100 (watercolor pencils, pen)

5/100 (watercolors, pen)

6/100 (watercolor, pen)

7/100 (watercolor pencils, pen)

8/100 (pen and ink)

9/100 (pen and ink)

10/100 (pen and ink)

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