End of First Year

End of First Year

Just one year ago,
I embraced the title “artist.”
It was a bold move for me.

By admitting art was way more than a hobby,
I opened myself up to be vulnerable.
Most friends and family applauded my efforts and tried to take me seriously.
Some did not.
I try not to let that bug me.

By setting up a public studio, website & Instagram account,
I lined myself up with other artists and put myself into the public eye.
Talk about scary.
I was convinced I’d be outed as a “hacker.”
But the art community welcomed me with open hearts.
I am happy to have the chance to share ideas and inspiration.
But even more importantly,
I am thrilled to have made so many new friends and connections.
It was absolutely worth the “scary” to step out and find a place in this community.

It’s only been a year.
So many days it’s just me working alone in my studio.
Mostly making mediocre art.
Sometimes failing spectacularly and churning out downright bad stuff.
Occasionally creating something that really works.

There have been some major highlights as well:
Becoming part of a local textile group.
Reconnecting with my interests in fiber and fiber art.
Rediscovering my childhood love of drawing.
Discovering my drawings actually resonate with others.
Being offered an opportunity for my first solo art show!
Actually selling some of my art…
And not just to my friends!

Looking back,
I realize,
It’s been quite the year.

And now it’s time to head back into my studio.
To dream, experiment, create and then dream some more.
I try to remember that this is for the long haul.
My goal is not to sell or to please others…
(though both selling to and getting a like from others make me pretty happy).
My overarching goal is learn as much as I can and to be the best artist I am capable of being.
But that’s a rather nebulous thing to reach for…
I also have a concrete short term goal:
I’m making art for my house this summer!
I painted the “Blues” pictured here for my bedroom.
We’ve been in our house three years now.
Though there are paintings, drawings and fiber projects displayed all over my studio,
I’ve been hesitant to fill out the rest of the walls in the house.
But now it’s time.
So come back & visit my blog to see what I come up with this summer.

Mixed Media Drawings #11 – #25

Mixed Media Drawings #11 – #25

Still plugging away at #the100dayproject.
One day, one mixed media drawing at a time.

The hardest part is deciding what to draw each day.
One day, some small tchotchke might catch my eye and I’ll draw that.
Another day, I’ll browse online for a photo image to draw from.
Some drawings work out beautifully.
Others fall (splat!) face down and I’m tempted to just start over.
But I post it, like it or not.

Even though I’m trying to keep things simple and quick,
It’s been more time consuming than I thought I would be.
(Story of my life)
It’s worth it though.
Some real interesting stuff is starting to shine through these little everyday drawings.
Planning to redo some of them on a bigger scale soon.
But in the meantime,
Let me show you #11 through #25 of my mixed media drawings.
And then I’m off to work on today’s piece.

11/100 (pen and ink, washi tape)

12/100 (pen and ink, watercolor pencils)

13/100 (pen and ink, watercolors, collage, oil pastel)

14/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

15/100 (pen and ink, watercolors, washi tape)

16/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

17/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

18/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

19/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

20/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

21/100 (pend and ink, watercolors)

22/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

23/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)

24/100 (pen and ink, watercolor pencils)

25/100 (pen and ink, watercolors)