Into the Maker Space

Into the Maker Space

I moved my C3 Lab studio from a private office into the shared maker space.
I left the four grey walls, temperature control and the door with my name on it.
Now I’m in a giant garage-like space with a dozen other artists and makers.
This space has neither AC nor heat.
It’s hot in the summer and frigid in the winter.
There’s sawdust everywhere.
And dead bugs on my windowsill.

If you know me,
You’re probably thinking this new space triggers all my obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
Upon arrival each day, I do spend the first 15 minutes wiping and sweeping sawdust off everything.
But you know what?
I LOVE being in the maker space!

I love being surrounded by all the artists and makers.
I love the variety of talent, skills and projects around me.
And the energy that, much like the ubiquitous sawdust, permeates the room.

I am SO pleased to now be smack dab in the center of it all.

Summertime Macrame

Summertime Macrame

Summertime is my season to tie knots.
Something about it makes me feel like a carefree kid again.
For many years, it was friendship bracelets.
(Occasionally, it still is.)
Then I moved to paracord survival bracelets.
I made a few dream catchers last summer.
But so far this summer, it’s all about macrame.

We’ve been experiencing extreme weather recently.
A mix of violent rainstorms and scorching sun.
I’ve been hiding out in my home studio.
Drawing, painting and tying knots.

Thus far, the longest cords I’ve worked with were about 15 feet each.
Any longer, and I would need to roll each cord around something to shorten it.
But for now,
I’ve just made sure my floor was clean and let the rope drape in piles around my bare feet.
I did have to deal with a few troublesome knots,
but quickly figured out a method and rhythm to keep the tangles at a minimum.

What you choose to anchor your macrame makes all the difference.
I scored this gorgeous curvy driftwood from a fellow artist.
She gifted me a box of found objects.
I thanked her with a retro paper cutter I’d bought at a NYC flea market years ago.
Gotta love a good junk trade.

I made the driftwood macrame wall hanging for my living room.
As I mentioned last post,
We’ve been in our house three years now.
Til now, I’ve haven’t been in the mood to create anything for the walls.
But suddenly I am .
And so I have.
(More projects in the pipeline – so keep an eye out)

After I finished the bigger macrame hanging for my living room,
I decided to play around with another piece.
This time I anchored my knots on a 12″ diameter brass hoop.
I kept thinking of the words “fiber-Frankenstein.”
By which I meant to experiment with mixing and matching fiber techniques.
I wanted to mix macrame, dream catcher and a bit of hand-weaving together.

My result was tamer than I initially visualized.
Not particularly “Frankenstein-ish” at all.
But it’s only the start of summer.
Plenty more weeks to continue playing with rope, thread and other fibers.
So I’m thinking there will be more Fiber-Frankensteins to come.