100 Days of Learning

100 Days of Learning

93 days ago, I joined #the100dayproject on a whim.
I happened to see a friend’s post about it.
It was our first morning on spring break vacation.
I had a little time on my hands.
So I thought,
“Why not?”

Days 1, 2 and 3 were effortless.
I was on vacation, after all.
I woke up a good hour or two before everyone else in the morning.
I’d grab a cuppa and draw quietly while I waited for our day to start.
Things got a little more challenging after that.
Around day 10, I started struggling over what to draw next.
I actually felt a bit of despair over the thought of all the days of drawing and posting I’d committed to.
I gritted my teeth and drew on.

I felt a big sense of accomplishment on day 40.
Until I remembered that meant 60 more days to go.

Day 50 came and went unnoticed.

Somewhere between days 70 and 80,
a fellow artist commented that 50 days sounded like plenty.
Why not just go 50 days?
Why 100?

I’m sure the folks who came up with the 100 count had their reasons.
And “100” does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
I’d learned plenty by day 50.
But personally,
I’m glad I kept slogging on with 100 days as my goal.
Because a few things didn’t start clicking for me til well after day 50.

I discovered:
I like to draw small objects.
I like mixing ink and watercolors.
I LOVE the look of “dirty” watercolors.
Especially when I layer color on color.
I don’t particularly care for colored pencils.
It’s ok to draw from photos.
But the photos are only a reference.
And I can make changes to what I see.
I don’t have to love everyday’s drawing.
I shouldn’t fuss too hard about what to draw.
I just need to draw.
The most important thing from all these days of drawing?
I’ve remembered I love to draw.

Just a few more days to go til I hit that magic 100 day goal.
I’m not going to say I had fun.
But I will say it’s been a good thing.
And call me crazy,
but I’m thinking to do it again next year.

End of the Reading Streak

We’ve thrown in the towel.
Our almost-6-year-reading-streak has come to an end.
I’d love to say we went out with a bang,
or at least on a nice round number…
but the truth is,
We got busy… then tired… distracted and then we forgot a string of days
and that’s when we finally we gave up.

Read aloud #90:
by Lois Lowry

Read aloud #91:
“Gathering Blue”
by Lois Lowry

I wish we’d finished our 6th year.
Or made it through our 100th read aloud…
(to achieve that nice round number thing).

We didn’t.
We finally finished #91 back in April.
And decided we’d had enough.

But hey,
91 official read alouds over almost 6 years of daily reading is pretty darn good.
My goals were to
1.  Encourage my boys to read
2.  Share some of my old favorite books with them
3.  Give us something to do together everyday.

For the most part, I think we met those goals.
My older boy is going through a phase where he thinks he doesn’t like to read…
I’m hoping he’ll outgrow it.
The younger boy devours books daily.
I hope he continues this trend.
I did get to read many of my childhood favorites to them.
And all three of us loved our reading streak for a long time.
But the whole thing with kids is that everything is always changing.
One of our recent changes has been to end our reading streak.
But near-6-years is quite a chunk of reading together.
I’m proud of us.