A dozen of my paintings just went up on display at
The Church at Charlotte’s Matthews Campus.
And just last month,
I did my Whimsical exhibit at the church’s South Park Campus.

I am so thankful to my church for offering me these opportunities to share my art.

Chances are, you’re not schlepping to the Matthews Campus to see these paintings.
So here are images of all twelve for you to peruse.


“Green Vase”

“Indigo” and “Another Dozen”

“View from Morning Coffee” and “Drop”

“The Green 1” and “The Green 2”

“En Route”

“Sherbet Plain” and “Water”

“Hydrangea in Red”

I think some of these paintings were quite successful.
I already know where I’m hanging my favorites when this exhibit is over.
Though recently,
the paintings I’ve intended to keep for my home have sold…
But that’s a good thing, right?

My results on a few of them were abysmal.
I wish I could have painted over those.

I’m learning the rhythm of being an artist.
There sure is a lot of alone time in the studio.
I might be in the mood to paint or draw each day.
Or I might not be.
But it doesn’t matter because the discipline is to keep creating.
Even if it’s just a little bit each day.
It’s important to stay alert.
To keep building that body of work.
To be ready.
Because when the opportunity pops up to show my art,
I’ve either been producing or I haven’t…
  I either have art to show or I don’t.
The idea of course, is that I’ve been chipping away at my art.
And when the query comes about whether or not I can be ready to hang an exhibit,
  my answer is an emphatic “yes!”