Here’s the situation:
I have to complete a whole lot of art
in a very short time.

I got a call last week about an amazing art opportunity:
A solo exhibit at my church art gallery.
The catch?
I had less than 3 weeks to have everything ready.

Did I have enough art to fill the space?
Not even close.
But I said “YES!” anyway.

I hung up the phone.
Felt the fluttery start of a panic attach.
Took a deep breath.
Counted the number paintings and drawings I’d need to fill the walls.
Said walls are 13 feet, 13 feet and 26 feet long.
Squished down another surge of panic.
Ordered frames and canvas.
Started painting.
And painting.
And painting.
My canvases and frames delivery formed a small mountain on my front step.
As I unpacked everything,
the sheer number of empty frames and blank canvases nearly sent me into meltdown.
Deep breath in.
Remember gratitude.
Deep breath out.
I can do this.