I needed to rewrite my artist statement this morning.
You know I hate that, right?
While I can blab all the live long day via this blog,
I have a really hard time trying to “distill my artist essence” into one concise statement.

Now that I’m done torturing myself over it,
Here it is:

My goals as an artist are to inspire and to be inspired.

I try to draw, paint or make something everyday.
Some of my results are successful.
Others are not.
Some are such spectacular failures,
I can only laugh at myself,
label it #uglyart,
and move on.

I really think it’s about process, not product.
It’s about imagining, experimenting, playing and sharing.
By sharing, I mean sharing ideas and techniques.
Want to know what mediums I used and how I I made it?
Curious about where I got an idea?
Please ask me.
I’d be thrilled to talk art with you.

Recently, I’ve been working a lot with oil paints and pen and ink.
But the truth is,
just about every type of art and craft medium beckons to me.
Why not try it all?
Every new art or craft technique learned becomes a potential tool in future creative endeavors.

I think the best days are the ones with a little art sprinkled over them.