Remember those rocks I’ve been drawing on?
I decided they looked extra nice displayed on a simple grey felt coaster.
(Yes, I still love grey felt)

A plain cut out felt circle looked fine.
But a blanket stitched embellishment around the coaster edge looked even better.

Then my obsessive-compulsive nature took over.
And I just had to stitch felt coasters for all the ladies joining me for a “Ink on Stone” Girls’ Night Out.

I cut and stitched.
And cut.
And stitched some more.
I prepared 19 coasters before I ran out of felt.
I had enough coasters (and rocks!) for everyone.
Our evening of drawing on rocks was a lot fun.
Everyone went home smiling.

Did I really need to stitch all these coasters?
But did this extra bit of detail make a difference?
I’m going to say yes.
I like the little added details that kick things up a notch.
I was really pleased to present something handmade to each of the evening’s participants.
And don’t you think the stitched coasters grouped together make a pretty picture?