Gallery C3 2018 Intersection Show

Here I am again.
Same puzzled situation as last month.
Where did the time go?
And now we’re just three days out from Christmas.

It’s been a busy month.
But, frankly, I can’t pin point exactly what I’ve been busy with.

There’s the daily mom stuff.
And the house chores, of course.
Plus I’ve been hitting the gym quite a bit.
When faced with the choice between art making and Christmas crafting,
I confess to choosing Christmas crafting every time.
It’s been a really great season of making garlands.
Fabric garlands.
Multiple long strands of felted beads.
And even a day given over to folding and stringing origami stars.

But the art.
Well, there’s been a little hiatus from the art.
But I do have this latest series to share with you;
Created for our annual Intersections show at C3 Lab.

“Boro Boards”
Mixed media on oak boards.
I sure had a lot of fun making these.
And was really pleased at the reaction from folks during our show

“Boro Boards” by Val Chan (Mixed media on oak boards)

So actually, I did do some art this month!
Just not as much as I should have…
That’s it.
I’m making my new years resolution now.
For 2019:
A little more discipline.
A little more art.
Plus, a weekly update to you.
And now I’m off to tag some gifts and drink some cider.
Wishing you the merriest during this holiday season!