iMake CLT

iMake CLT

Summer felt like it was going to last forever.
Floating on my back in the water.
Watching the clouds.
Hanging out with my kids.
Playing with our dog.
Visiting friends.
Binge watching way too much Netflix.
Making to-do lists.
Planning big plans.
But then feeling too hot and too lazy to execute much at all.
With only enough energy to slide back into the pool.
Now that’s what I call a good summer!

But now, ready or not,
it’s time to put all that summer laziness behind and prep for a slew of fall workshops and events.

First event of the fall season?
iMake CLT 2018

Saturday, October 13 from 10am to 2pm
(Rescheduled because of Hurricane Florence from Sept 15 to Oct 13)
Hosted at C3-Lab
2525 Distribution Street
Charlotte, NC

The two most pertinent facts are:
1.  It’s going to be super FUN
2.  It’s FREE!!!!

There will be all sorts of creative activities for participants to try out.
Giant chess.
Hydroponic gardening.
3D printing.
Fiber art.
Paper art.
The list goes on and is quite impressive.

Much as I’d like to try all the different options out myself,
I’m actually one of the folks running a booth this year.
(Smiley face)
My project will be short and simple.
With a neat little take-away.

Come check out iMake CLT on the 15th.
Kids and grownups welcome to play.
Can’t wait to see you!

10 Quotes to Encourage

I’m in the midst of prepping for my “Fanciful Flowers” workshop taking place tomorrow evening.
It’s part of a special event being offered to the women at my church.
I don’t know a single one of the 10 women signed up for my class.
I’m guessing they are on the adventurous side since my blurb for the class described using a myriad of mixed media to create their own vase of fanciful flowers.
I’m hoping everyone can enjoy our two hours to just cut loose and be creative.

To set the mood,
I’m going to kick off our session with 10 quotes.
I intend for these to act as both ice breaker and encouragement.
These quotes resonated so strongly with me,
that I just had to pause a moment to share them with you.
(Aside:  I’m 99% confident I’ve correctly credited quotes, but apologies now if I messed anything up).
Without further ado:

Quote #1
Creativity takes courage
– Henri Matisse

Quote #2
Practicing art,
no matter how well or how badly,
is a way to make your soul grow.
-Kurt Vonnegut

Quote #3
Go and make mistakes.
Make amazing mistakes.
Make glorious and fantastic mistakes.
Don’t freeze, don’t stop,
don’t worry it’s not good enough or isn’t perfect.
– Neil Gaiman

Quote #4
When I haven’t any blue,
I use red.
– Pablo Picasso

Quote #5
When we stop fearing failure,
We start being artists.
– Ann Voskamp

Quote #6
It doesn’t matter how the paint is put on,
as long as something is said.
– Jackson Pollock

Quote #7
I don’t think about art when I’m working.
I try to think about life.
– Jean-Michel Basquiat

Quote #8
If you’re always trying to be normal,
you’ll never know how amazing you can be.
– Maya Angelou

Quote #9
I paint flowers so they will not die.
– Frida Kahlo

Quote #10
Creativity is contagious,
pass it on.
– Albert Einstein

All 10 quotes speak so strongly to me.
Hope you get something from them as well.
And now back to class prep…
Wish me luck tomorrow night!

“Woodland Animal” Inspired Drawing List

“Woodland Animal” Inspired Drawing List

I have a new project in the pipeline.
Once Christmas madness passes,
I intend to hole up in my studio and tackle this new series.
It will be totally different from what I’ve done so far.
I’m excited about it.
But, also a little wary.
This one requires me to be detailed and meticulous.
Two things I have little patience for.
But this idea won’t be ignored.
So, here goes nothing…

To prep, I’m working my way through a new drawing list.
It’s “woodland animal” inspired.
Cute but not too cute.
Nature and animals without actually having to smell or touch them…
(For me, the idea is more appealing than the reality)

Want to draw along?
Please see my list is below.
No particular order.
Look for my pen and ink sketches on instagram:

Woodland Animal Inspired Drawing List:
Pine cones
Field mice
Acorns and oak leaves
Fluffy little bird on a branch
Bird’s nest with eggs
Wild flowers

Happy drawing.

The “Spooky” Drawing List

The “Spooky” Drawing List

Though it’s still smack in the middle of summer,
It’s time to prepare for my fall studio theme:
September 5, 2017 – November 3, 2017
At the Charlotte Art League.

My goal is to complete:
12 drawings
9 paintings
Between 1 and 3 creepy dolls,
A murder of crows.
And more should inspiration hit.

So far, I have just this pen and ink of the doll heads.
If I’m going to have something to show for myself come September 5th,
Then it’s time to start cracking.
Without further ado,
Here are my 12 drawing prompts for the “Spooky” collection:

Doll Heads
Dark Hallway or Stairwell
An Empty Swing Set
A Victorian Postmortem “Photograph”
Plague Doctor’s Mask
Abandoned Farm House
Ventriloquist Figure
Animal Skull
Primitive Rag Doll

It’s going to get real spooky around here…
Can’t wait.

Drawing on Rocks

Drawing on Rocks

I like drawing.
I like rocks.
So why not draw on rocks?
(Cheesy grin)

The whole rock thing started two years ago when we moved into our house.
I spent multiple seasons digging around and mucking out the backyard.
I pruned overgrown bushes.
Weeded everyday.
Planted lots.
And dug piles of rocks out of every flowerbed.
What the hec?
My best guess is the first homeowners used the rocks as ground cover.
But as the seasons passed and the house changed hands,
The rocks were slowly buried under weeds, dirt and yard debris.
Until I came along and dug them all out again.

Most of the rocks are once again ground cover.
But I’ve also set aside a pile of them for arts and crafts purposes.

I’ve used some of the rocks as garden markers.
And a few of the little ones to make a tic tac toe set.
  Now I use the rocks as an alternative drawing canvas.

My preferred rocks to draw on are the big smooth roundish ones.
I give them a good scrub with my vegetable scrubber.
Then set them out to dry in the sun.

My favorite drawing tool is a 05 black Micron pen.
Initially, I just drew Mandalas.
More recently I’ve moved to drawing actual images.

I like the look of ink on “naked” rock.
But a light coat of shellac does protect the inked surface.

There is something relaxing and meditative about drawing on rocks.
Want to try it?
Here’s what  I’d suggest:
A selection of rocks.
One Micron pen.
A cup of coffee or glass of wine.
Perhaps some music playing in the background.
Cup the rock in your hand.
Study it from different angles.
Maybe take a sip of your drink.
Uncap that pen.
And just draw.

#Artwithme – Painting with Tissue Paper

#Artwithme – Painting with Tissue Paper

I recently had the opportunity to share my “Painting with Tissue Paper” activity with a great group of ladies.

I was the “entertainment” for the June Girls’ Night Out (GNO) at The Charlotte Fine Arts Gallery.

On the third Friday of each month, the gallery features a different art project for their GNO.
Very reasonable registration fee.
Wine, light snacks & art supplies included.
Frankly, it’s a darn good deal for an hour and a half of fun.
Some evenings it’s painting.
Other times, it’s a chance to try a new art medium or technique.
It’s a great way to dabble with new ideas and products without needing to buy a bunch of supplies.

I have attended the gallery’s GNO’s.
And last week,
I got to lead one.
Fun, fun, fun!

Here is what the ladies created out of nothing more than some humble tissue paper, mod podge and canvas.

Diane’s Flowers

Cathy’s Sunflower

Cynthia’s Beach

Geeta’s Sliced Open Tomatoes

Sylvia’s Sunrise Behind Tree


Joni’s Cherries

All six “paintings” look terrific, don’t they?
But as the leader for the evening, here’s what I found most exciting:
Each participant dove fearlessly into the activity.
Everyone chose different subject to create.
In the course of this activity,
They agreed that this technique really yielded a product that looked as if it had been painted.

You know what’s the best thing about learning something new?
Getting the chance to turn around and teach it.