New Reading Streak Friends

New Reading Streak Friends

A few months ago, I read Alice Ozma’s book, The Reading Promise.  I was so taken by her story that I blogged all about it .  Next, my boys and I decided to follow in Alice and her father’s footsteps by trying our own summer reading challenge.

We’ve been reading 64 days straight now.  The original plan was to end the streak the last day of summer break… which is coming up real fast… only we’ve decided we’re having too much fun to stop…

And now we’re joining new friends with a reading challenge of their own!

Fourth grade teacher, Katie Hartman, at Sinking Springs Elementary School in PA was so inspired by The Reading Promise that she started a reading streak with her entire class and set up a blog about it and invited parents from her school to make the commitment to read aloud with their children regularly.  Katie also found my posts about our reading streak and invited us to share our reading experiences with her school.

Pretty exciting, don’t you think?  Well… at least I’m all keyed up over this new twist to our reading challenge.  I’ll be guest blogging on the Sinking Spring’s Reading Project.  First introductory post went up today.  If you’d like to take a look, you can find me here.

Reading alone, in parallel or aloud.  Sharing titles, feelings and opinions.  Connecting over a story.  Such a simple, but powerful, wonderful thing.