Got lemons?
Then make lemonade, yes?
So I’m making it into a Haunted House for Halloween.
Thus far, home ownership has been a constant bleed.
There is always something that is either broken or screaming for attention.
Overgrown trees and bushes.
Extreme weeds.
Failing appliances.
(don’t get me started on the critters).
Tempting as it is to shop big for Halloween decorating,
I’m going the more frugal DIY route.
As best as I can, my decorating criteria include:
  • Being economical
  • Making instead of buying
  • Using supplies on hand if possible
  • Creating reusable decorations
  • Making stuff look good whether we’re looking from inside or outside the home.
Following these guidelines, I finished & installed my first house decoration for the season yesterday:
A big crocheted spider web for the front window.
With long legged amigurumi spiders crawling around on it.
To create the web, I used a US I (5.5mm) crochet hook and essentially followed the steps outlined in my “accidentally a spider web hat” pattern.
In places I felt needed a little more give or stretch on web spiral, I chained a few extra.
After round 10, instead of using triple crochets, I yarned over three times and used what I call a “quadruple crochet.” 
 I.e., I did the “crochet motion” 4 times instead of three.  This gives more height to each stitich.
To attach the web to the window, I added seven long chains to the web body, then secured chain to window frame using sticky tack (a reusable sticky putty).
After I attached the web to the window frame, I chained one more spiral around the perimeter.
Spiders happily clung to their new web with just a bend to a few of their pipe cleaner legs.
Used an orange light bulb for additional Halloween ambiance.
One haunted house window complete.
Onto the next…