I am hosting a Valentine’s exchange with my craft group tomorrow.
All mediums are fair game.

Initially, I intended to give out lavender heart sachets.
I sewed a dozen+ little hearts.
Stuffed them full of lavender.
Hand stitched them all closed…
Then decided they were not the right thing for our craft exchange.
I passed the sachets out to another group of friends.
And started afresh for the Valentine’s exchange.

I decided to crochet stuffed hearts instead.
I followed this pattern I came across on Pinterest.
The pattern is straight forward, so I won’t add to the instructions.
Since I wanted the fabric of my hearts to feel stiff,
I used a 4 mm crochet hook with a double strand of wool yarn.
(I.e., relatively small hook with relatively thick yarn)

My yarn was a gift from a friend.
It’s a gorgeous multi-shaded pink and red pure new wool made by Wool Pak Yarns NZ.
It was only after I finished all the hearts that I learned this yarn is no longer available for sale.

The crocheted hearts are lovely enough to stand alone.
But I wanted to add a little extra “bling.”
This ended up being an “arrow” shot through each heart.

Each arrow is made from an orphan metal knitting needle, three wood beads, a strip of leather tied to the needle to keep the beads from sliding, and a washi tape arrowhead.

I’m ready to play Valentine’s craft exchange.
I hope my friends enjoy these hearts.
…And I can’t wait to see what lands in my Valentine’s box tomorrow!!
Happy Valentine’s.