It’s one of those ADHD kind of making weeks.
I’ve been flitting about from one project to the next.
Working a little here and a little there.
All systems firing.
But no finished products to share today.
Still working on this prayer shawl.
Thirty inches done.
Thirty inches to go.
My goal is to finish this by end of the month.
Sure would like the intended recipient to receive it before spring hits.
 When I get tired of knitting,
I jump over to the crocheted prayer shawl counterpart.
This one will be donated through the Caring Threads ministry to
someone “needing encouragement in the face of life’s challenges.”
I’ve also pulled out a bunch of fabric from my fabric stash.
Need to make ten zippered project bags ASAP.
More on these next time.
Once the zippered project bags are finished, filled and given away,
I’ll be decorating this little wooden bird house.
To go with last week’s birds sitting pretty in the powder room.
It’s a happy making week.