Still working on that fall wreath.
The end product is going to be quite simple looking.
You’d never guess the number of hours I’ve put into this.
But speed isn’t the point.
Once I get going with an idea, I just keep at it til I’m satisfied.
For this particular project,
I’m making oak leaves and acorns.
I drew oak leaves on newspaper for patterns.
I started with a curved line, then filled in the leaf around it.
Didn’t worry about symmetry or drawing just so.
Sometimes imperfect is perfect.
I keep a selection of felt from Prairie Woolens.
The felt is a 35% wool and 65% rayon blend.
It’s good stuff.
Long lasting.
Lovely to work with.
I buy it by the quarter yard, then use it parsimoniously.
This is not your every day cut and glue kind of felt.
But it’s the perfect material for my oak leaves. 
Once I cut the leaf out, I used embroidery floss to stitch in leaf veins.
 It’s fall.
If there are going to be oak leaves,
There must be acorns!
Collected acorn tops.
Glued in needle felted wool balls.
They’re cute, huh?
Still trying to figure out how to attach these to the wreath without glue.
I love all these fall colors.
Can’t wait to hang up the completed wreath!