Creepy Doll by Kris

Let me show you this freaky little doll.
Created by my friend, Kris Dikeman.
I am the lucky new owner of her intricately handcrafted hard work.

Creepy Doll measures 10 inches high.
She has a 7 inch wingspan.
She is hand sewn.
I think her basic body parts started as gloves and fabric scraps.
I’m so taken by her that she now resides on my main work table.
She stands off to my right where I can keep an eye on her while I work…
(In case she tries to step off the table and take a wander around my house).


Her face was built in two layers.
Eyeballs and teeth (!) stitched into the first layer.
Lips and eye sockets created with the top felted layer.

Kris must have spent hours embellishing Creepy Doll’s body.
Orange silk cords spiraling around and couched onto the torso.
Chains of beads in a myriad of colors painstakingly stitched everywhere.
She might be a little scary,
But Creepy Doll also has a heart of gold.

She even has her very own polymer clay mask with bird bead.

My first reaction when I received Creepy Doll in the mail was to  yell,
“No FREAKIN” Way!”
My second impulse was to sit down and make a doll JUST like her.

But then I realized,
Kris already created the perfect Creepy Doll for me.
Though I do have dolls on my “to-make” list,
I’m simply not up to the insane time sink this little red haired moppet represents.

To say I am tickled to own this doll is an understatement.
I am so impressed with all her details.
I love the whimsy with the hearty dose of weirdness.
I have nothing but admiration for my friend’s quirky creative visions.

Thank you, Kris.
I’ll be working on dolls this fall…
But they’ll be nothing close to Creepy Doll.
You inspire me.

Craft on!