We got “BOO-ed” last week.
That’s a good thing.
It’s like receiving a chain letter.
Except in the form of a neighborhood kid ding-dong ditching your door 
and leaving Halloween treats on your doorstep.
My boys & I were delighted by the Halloween surprise.
This was something utterly novel to us.
The kids ate the candy.
I claimed the adorable bat goody bag.

Here’s the original goody bag with some of the treats that came it it.
A grey felt bat front with big eyes and little wings.
Purple sides and back.
Face glued on.
Body sewn together.
According to the “Boo-ed” instructions,
I needed to put together 2 more treats and spread the Boo-love within the day.
Cutesy goody bag not required.
A paper bag would have sufficed.
Or I could have bought something ready made from a number of shops.
But you know me –
Never can pass up a crafting opportunity.
 Once again pulled out sketchbook to plan project and newspaper to create a pattern.
Drew and cut out:
  • 1 bag front (traced original bag front)
  • 1 bag back (traced original bag back)
  • 1 long rectangular strip (2.25 inches by 15.25 inches)
  • 2 strips to be sewn double to create 1 handle (0.75 inches by 11.5 inches).

Once I had my pattern, I pinned and cut the pieces out of black craft felt.
Then I freehand cut from scrap felt:
  • 2 bat wings
  • 2 large circles for eye balls
  • 2 small circles for pupils
  • 2 fangs
  • 1 thin rectangle for the mouth
 Hand stitched bat face on.
Machine sewed the 2 handle rectangles one on top of the other for a sturdier handle.
Decided my goody bag needed a little more color.
So added a strip of ribbon to the handle.
 Pinned and sewed bag together using a 1/8th inch seam allowance.
For this project, I pinned everything right sides out to sew. 
Since my craft felt was thinner than the thick stuff on the original bag,
My bag turned out a little floppy;
But still functional.
We printed a “You’ve Been BOO-ed” page, rolled it up and placed in our bag.
Filled said bag with candies and such.
Then waited for dark so we could try out this whole ding-dong ditching thing.
Another something new for my NYC boys.