It’s another wreath.
Unlike last week’s, this one came together lickety-split.
 Good thing too since
“Halloween Grapevine Wreaths” is the theme for my upcoming craft party.
A few short hours and plentiful wine don’t mix well with intricate, time consuming projects!
I’m hoping each of my friends will create a unique Halloween wreath,
But it’s still nice to have a prototype in place.
Plus, with my wreath complete, I’m free to play hostess for the evening.
Here are the materials I used for this project:
  • 1 20-inch grapevine wreath
  • 1 black boa (the cheap kind from my local craft store)
  • A little black yarn & 4 pipe cleaners for the spider
  • A little more black yarn for the web.  I used a fine yarn with some silver sparkle to it.
  • Black felt, a handful of fiberfill and 1 cat safety eye for the crow
  • Wire.
This was my first time to work with a grapevine wreath.
I wasn’t wild about it.
The twigs are crumbly dry and break off easily.
I don’t like it when things are too fragile.
So the first thing I did was to cover it up with a single feathery black boa.
I used a thin wire to secure boa to wreath.
(In 8 equally spaced distances around the circumference).
Next, I crocheted spider and accompanying web.
If you check in with me regularly,
You may recall I promised no more webs this season
Sorry to lie…
But the wreath demanded both web and spider.
Lastly, I stitched a crow to sit along the bottom ring.
I was tempted to buy a realistic looking one.
But saw this while cruising around the internet & decided to just make one instead.
My guy is not as creepy looking.
But he’ll do.
More on sewing crows (or black birds or ravens) next time.
And there you have it.
Black, feathery, slightly creepy(?)  grapevine wreath.
All ready for this week’s craft party and Halloween!