It’s a crow.
I suppose it could also be a small raven or blackbird.
But on my porch, it’s a crow.
One thing about living in a NC suburb,
We sure get a lot more exposure to wildlife.
We’ve got squirrels playing tag in the back yard.
Rabbits running wild and eating whatever vegetation they desire.
Geese flying overhead in V-formation.
All sorts of bugs and crawly things lurking where I wish they weren’t.
And these mighty crows loitering, cawing and making a huge ruckus all around the house.
Crows aren’t just loud.
They’re big.
There’s a weight to each bird as it flaps it wings and lands in the trees and on my driveway.
I think I’m actually a little scared of them.
Stitching them is turning out to be somewhat cathartic.
Note, my crows and little, kind of cute and silent.
If you google “hand stitched crows,”
You’ll find a wide variety of handmade birds.
I used this one as my starting point.
The simple shape makes stitching quick.
I especially liked the idea of a charm dangling from the crow’s beak.
Materials to make my crow include:
  • Black felt
  • Buttons or safety eyes
  • Small charm (or fishing lure or whatever shiny tchotchke you have on hand)
  • Fiberfill
  • Black embroidery floss
I drew my bird body and wing pattern freehand.
I cut 2 body pieces, 2 wing pieces and 1 beak.
I fold the beak in half lengthwise before attaching – hence the weird kite shape.
  I stitched my bird together in this order:
  1. Wings to body.  I blanket stitched only the U-portion of each wing to body.
  2. Button or safety eyes to body.
  3. Beak to one of the body pieces.
  4. Pin the two bird body pieces together, right sides facing out.
  5. Stitch body pieces together, leaving a 2-inch opening.  I prefer blanket stitch.  But running stitch or whip stitch work too.
  6. Stuff bird with fiberfill.
  7. Finish stitching the bird closed.
  8. Stitch charm to beak.
  9. Display!
This crow is my last front porch decoration.
Bought the cage at an antique mall (it’s not actually an antique).
Found the books in a thrift store (can’t beat $1.39 per hardback).
Took the nest out of our oak tree.
And of course, made the bird.