Summer felt like it was going to last forever.
Floating on my back in the water.
Watching the clouds.
Hanging out with my kids.
Playing with our dog.
Visiting friends.
Binge watching way too much Netflix.
Making to-do lists.
Planning big plans.
But then feeling too hot and too lazy to execute much at all.
With only enough energy to slide back into the pool.
Now that’s what I call a good summer!

But now, ready or not,
it’s time to put all that summer laziness behind and prep for a slew of fall workshops and events.

First event of the fall season?
iMake CLT 2018

Saturday, October 13 from 10am to 2pm
(Rescheduled because of Hurricane Florence from Sept 15 to Oct 13)
Hosted at C3-Lab
2525 Distribution Street
Charlotte, NC

The two most pertinent facts are:
1.  It’s going to be super FUN
2.  It’s FREE!!!!

There will be all sorts of creative activities for participants to try out.
Giant chess.
Hydroponic gardening.
3D printing.
Fiber art.
Paper art.
The list goes on and is quite impressive.

Much as I’d like to try all the different options out myself,
I’m actually one of the folks running a booth this year.
(Smiley face)
My project will be short and simple.
With a neat little take-away.

Come check out iMake CLT on the 15th.
Kids and grownups welcome to play.
Can’t wait to see you!