The “Spooky” Collection on display through Nov 3

What to share first?
The good or the bad?

I’ll start with the bad news:
You know my studio in the Charlotte Art League?
The one that I worked so hard to set up all summer?
Unfortunately, the Art League has lost its lease.
Our “get out” date is January, 2018.

I knew the risk when I moved into my space,
The building had been sold.
But the lease was supposed to go another year.
I was betting on enough time to create four different art installations.
I was wrong.

I think the Art League will be fine in the long run.
They are out searching for new space & have all sorts of plans.
But their search is leading them further up and out from the train line.
My commute from home to train station to current location already takes 45-60 minutes.
And with my life long fear of driving?
I won’t be moving with them.

My thoughts?
Make hay while the sun shines!
I am looking at my own options.
But I still have til the end of the year in my current space.
That’s enough time for two more installations.

Here’s where I switch over to the good.
Just in time for Friday night’s art crawl,
I took down my “Happy Go Lucky” summer art and hung the “Spooky” collection.
Much to my delight,
the “Spooky” stuff piqued quite a bit of interest and conversation with folks attending the art crawl.
Everyone seemed to especially like this skeleton I drew across 8 square canvases.
Many people asked me how I’d created the sketches.
Like me, most of them were amused that I’d used pages from an old prayer book to build background for my drawings.
Only one woman commented that she might have an issue if I’d drawn “lewd” things on those pages…
Which, honestly, I can’t imagine in what world I’d draw anything lewd…
(Should I chuckle or shake my head?)

You know what I really want out of this whole public studio thing?
It’s not selling my work.
Though I wouldn’t complain if folks wanted to buy…

The truth is,
I just want to make people look.
If possible, I want to make them
Look twice.
Step closer.
Be a little surprised.
Possibly amused.
Or maybe a little creeped out.

On Friday night, I made them look.

So you know what?
Even if my stint at the Charlotte Art League will be of the “Pop Up” nature,
I’m still glad to be there.
It is still quite the opportunity.
And there’s still a lot of art to be made and shared before the end of the year.

Now the question becomes:
Where will I land next?