Remember last month when I thought I was done creating the “Happy Go Lucky” installation?
Well… turns out I wasn’t quite finished after all.
Fortune smiled on me & I sold two of the summer paintings.
Which was awesome!
Now when people ask me if I’ve sold anything, I can say “YES” with confidence.
Then I upgraded to that full studio
And suddenly,
I had a ton of empty wall space.

On the one hand,
I’m a fan of wall space.
Arranging art across a wall or room is like figuring out the composition for a new painting.
You want the viewer to be drawn in.
For their eye to move across the space.
Catch on certain “sweet spots.”
Be enticed to walk in and take a closer look.
Cramming too many paintings and drawings on a wall can overwhelm the viewer.
So some empty space is good.
But too much wall is no good either.
Which is the situation I found myself in.

“Patches” (Oil on 12×24 inch canvas)

Even though I was chomping at the bit to get started on my fall installation,
I had to put that on the back burner and pull the summer colors out again.
I didn’t have any particular subject in mind.
My only thought was to go abstract and orange.
“Patches” was the result.
I liked it enough to paint a “sequel”

“Patches 2” (Oil on 18×24 inch canvas)

Here it is:  “Patches 2.”
I think this second one is not as successful as the first.
Maybe it’s the canvas size?
Or that it wasn’t spontaneous?
Is any sequel ever as good as the original?

Both paintings are now on the wall in my studio.
Along with the original line up.
Some crafty stuff.
And those dream catchers.

This time I really am finished with the summer crafts and art.
It’s past time to get “Spooky.”
(In my studio September 1 – November 3)