“Bright & Brighter 1” (Oil sticks on 10×10 inch gessobord)

Remember those oil sticks I mentioned a few weeks ago?
They are becoming a real distraction for me.
It was 11pm.
I was supposed to be finishing a long list of chores and packing for a road trip.
I was completely engrossed in an impromptu art session.

“Bright & Brighter 2” (Oil sticks on 10×10 inch gessobord)

There’s a term in Chinese pronounced “shong-ying.”
My best translation for it is something tempting or addicting.
One might say eating a favorite food is “shong-ying.”
The more you eat it, the more you want to eat it.

That’s how it’s becoming for me with my R&F pigment sticks.

“Bright & Brighter 3” (Oil sticks on 10×10 inch gessobord)

In the midst of my studio cleanup,
I decided I had time to draw just one little vase of flowers.
(Recall the recent flower painting obsession)

I pulled out one gessobord and my cigar box of oil sticks.
One board became two.
Then three.
Then four.
Suddenly it was 1am.
My studio still a mess.
Suitcase not packed.
Chores not done.
Family road trip just hours away…

I was tempted to do just one more.
Except I was dizzy.
And out of boards.
I reluctantly stopped for the night.
Traveled & played hard all week with my family.
And you know the first thing I did after I came home & unpacked?
Yup, that’s right.
I went right back playing with the oil sticks.

“Bright & Brighter 4” (Oil sticks on 10×10 inch gessobord)