I’ve got macrame on my mind.
I also have sample knots all over my studio tables,
multiple works in progress hooked to various surfaces,
and plans for lots more macrame projects in the pipeline.

Blame it on my buddies at Modern Craft Collective.
(In a good way, of course)
One of our conversations started with my bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t attend their February shibori workshop, and ended with us deciding I would partner with them to teach a few workshops myself.
Specifically, macrame workshops.
How cool is that?

  Now I’m experimenting with knots & thinking about the best way to teach them.
Square knots.
Half hitch & clove hitch knots.
Lark knots.
Wrap knots.
Barrel knots.
The list goes on.

I’m also thinking about thickness and types of rope.
Deciding when and where to use beads.
Figuring out what combinations are aesthetically pleasing to the “modern” eye.
I don’t know about you,
but personally,
I was never into that ubiquitous 1970’s beaded hemp plant hanger…
(Sorry Momsy.  I know you were proud of the one you made…)

Bottom line?
Macrame rocks!
I can’t wait to make more and share more.
I’ll be posting works in progress on instagram (@valz_corner),
knotting in my studio at C3 Lab
coming out with workshops with Modern Craft Collective later this spring.
Stay tuned!