It’s absolute Merry Madness in my studio right now.
Well, let’s be truthful.
I’d say I’m at 65% “Merry” and 100% “Madness.”

I love, Love, LOVE Christmas.
My spirit is over-ambitiously willing to do it all.
But at some point during this holiday season,
I always end up asking myself,
“What the hec was I thinking?”

I’ve been baking like a mad woman.
Crocheting handmade gifts.
Prepping to lead two group craft activities.
Putting together center pieces.
Planning a rather large holiday party.
Not to mention tackling the regular Christmas to-do list with my kids.
Oh, and a friend asked if I wanted to enter a piece in her January textile exhibit.
I really, REALLY should have declined.
Now I’m fussing over what to make for said fiber art show.

So true to Christmas form,
I’ve bit off a whole lotta stuff.
Now I”m chewing fast and furious.
My studio is littered with almost finished Christmas paintings, gifts and tchotchkes.
Last night,
I looked up from the fiber sculpture I was playing with,
to see all my art and crafting detritus piled up around me.
I could only laugh at myself.
And snap picture.
So I could share my moment of “Merry Madness” with you.