“My Hands”
Pen, Ink, Washi Tape & Pencil
(Art Journal)
Val Chan
September 24, 2015
Here are my two biggest challenges with art journaling:
1.  Sitting my butt down.
2.  Making that first mark on a fresh page.
Once I get going, I love working in my art journal.
I don’t expect to create a finished product.
I might have an idea of where I’ll start that day.
Or I might have no ideas at all.
 I try not to get discouraged if I draw a mistake.
If I can make it work, then great.
If I can’t, I keep chugging along anyway.
Perfection is not the point.
Keeping an art journal is just part of the process.
To capture a thought or feeling.
To experiment with a technique.
To try out new mediums.
To warm up or prepare for a bigger project.
To discipline and train myself.
There are some fantastic mixed-media books available.
In Misty Mawn’s “Unfurling,”
She suggests tracing your hand as a way to start a drawing exercise.
So that’s what I did.
What came out it was “My Hands.”
I think some of it works.
Other parts could have been better.
Much of it are reminders to myself.
I’ve discovered drawings with words can say so much more than words alone.
Some questions I have:
What does it take to become a mixed media artist?
Can I be one?
Not just a dabbler.
But recognizably one?
Or does that even matter?
I suppose the answers to these are irrelavent.
There’s something about mixed media that fascinates me.
Whether or not I ever get the label,
I’m going for it anyway.
Which makes me glad to have these hands of mine.