Arts and Crafts.
I love them both.

As an “artist,”
I draw and paint in a myriad of mediums.
I use lots of glue (specifically Mod Podge).
I love to experiment and to mix techniques and mediums.
I want to be able to produce representational art when the mood strikes.
But it’s the crazier, looser stuff that really sets my heart pounding.

As a “crafter,”
I tend to be more careful.
I mostly crochet, needle felt, knit and sew.
I try NEVER to mix glue with my fibers.
I follow patterns.
I like the cute stuff.

Until now,
I’ve kept my “arts” and “crafts” separate.

So what’s changed?

A few weeks back, a fiber artist friend asked if I’d like to participate in a fiber art exhibit.
I was intrigued.
But a little worried.
For me, working with fibers is strictly a crafty kind of thing.
“Crafty” as in kitschy and cutesy.
How could simple embroidery or amigurumi stand side by side with fiber art?
I was intimidated.
But what the hec.
I said “yes” anyway.

I pulled out embroidery floss, felt, yarn, wire and roving.
I used wire cutters, pliers, crochet hooks, embroidery and felting needles.
I crafted my heart out.
…And I made something that (gulp) might actually be classified as “art.”

My fiber sculpture is called “Out on a Limb.”
It will be on display at the TEXTURES exhibit at C3 Lab this Friday (Jan 5, 7-10pm).

I’m still worried about it being more “crafty” than “artsy.”
But you know what?
I worked really hard on it.
So call it art or craft,
I’m proud of this little sculpture.