What do I do with my completed paintings?
Some have sold (yay!).
Some are hanging in my home studio and at my C3 Lab studio.
Two are currently on display on the student wall at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery.
And a whole bunch of them are on the “repaint” pile.

Is it hard paint over a “finished” painting?
That first brush stroke to start everything all over again is the toughest.
  Especially since I was fully immersed in the process of that painting the first time around.
But process doesn’t guarantee a successful product.
If a painting doesn’t work,
I’d rather paint over it than keep it around as is or put it in the trash.

Here’s the story of one piece that I’ve really struggled with.

“Jagged” (Oil on 12×12 inch canvas, Summer 2017)

Last summer, I started experimenting with abstract painting.
I enjoyed creating “Jagged.”
In the moment, I liked the play of green and red and the upward movement of the shapes.
I liked it enough to enter it in the student art show at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery.

Then an interesting thing happened.
Once I saw the painting hanging on the wall,
My feelings about it did a complete 180.
Quite frankly, I thought it was hideous.
I couldn’t wait for it to come off the wall.

For a split second in November,
I thought it’d be amusing to fill a whole wall with paintings done only in red and green.
(In honor of Christmas, of course).
I completed two successful red & green paintings.
Then I reached for “Jagged” to see what I could do it with it.

“Jagged” morphed into the start of a landscape.
Then once again, I decided it wasn’t working.
I set aside the idea of the wall of red and green.
And was tempted to throw this canvas into the trash.
But instead, it landed back on the “repaint” pile.

I recently read and have been much inspired by Soraya French’s
“Contemporary Landscapes in Mixed Media.”
Til now, I have not been a fan of landscapes.
But when I saw the colors in the Soraya French landscapes,
I had a complete change of heart.

Being inspired by someone’s work and actually trying to emulate it are two totally different things.
I had such a frustrating time with this painting.

“Purple Hills” (Oil on 12×12 inch canvas, Winter 2018)

It’s called “Purple Hills.”
The blunt truth is,
I think it’s still a hideous painting.
But it’s a step in the direction I’m wanting to go with a new series of paintings.
So at least there’s that, right?