Today’s project?
Painting frames for a holiday photo booth.
Since I’ll be using the photo booth at a venue with Christmas decorations already in place,
I decided it was not necessary to create a back drop.
All I really need are some cheesy photo booth props and
a few colorful frames for folks to choose from.

Rather than combing stores for the perfect red, green and white frames,
I used Christmas colored spray paint to paint the frames myself.

Two of the frames & the paint were purchased at Michaels (with 50% off coupons).
The third frame came out of my frame stash.
(I find it amusing that I actually have a “frame stash.”)

Before painting,
I lightly sanded all three frames and wiped the dust off with a damp cloth.
And then it was three rounds with the spray paint on each frame.

You may have heard me say this before,
but here are my spray painting recommendations:

1.  Choose a low-humidity day to paint.

2.  Place a drop cloth or large piece of cardboard under each item.

3.  Work outside.
Preferably away from walls or vehicles.

4.  Stand upwind.  Spray downwind.

5.  Use a slow sweeping motion when spraying.

Think I’m ready for next week…
A few test pics
(featuring my best beloved Barkus)

Ready to play photo booth.