I’m in the midst of another painting frenzy.
My Whimsical collection is scheduled to move to a second church gallery in a few short weeks.
But after I saw the actual venue,
I decided most of the pieces from Whimsical wouldn’t work in that space.

So sure, there is a tight time constraint.
Not to mention spring break and a family trip coming up..
I started painting a new series anyway.
Then three canvases into the latest painting spree,
I got into a conversation about hyperbolic crochet,
You know that my compulsive need to try every craft idea kicked in.
Now I’m obsessively painting AND crocheting.

Hyperbolic crochet.
It has quite a ring to it, doesn’t?
It’s actually really easy and fun to crochet this way.
Simply start with a chain or round.
Then choose how frequently you want to increase your stitches.
For example,
Chain 20.
Then single crochet through the chain increasing every 3rd stitch.
Or increase every 7th stitch.
Or every “n-th” stitch.
It’s your choice.
Continue each row (or round) increasing regularly.
The resulting figures have a really beautiful, curvy, organic structure.

I think the coolest part about hyperbolic crochet is that it is an intersection between arts and math.
And, no, I’m not going to wax on about it.
If you want to learn more,
head over to The Institute For Figuring website.

Suffice to say,
My interest is now thoroughly piqued.
Here are three hyperbolic crochet pieces I created over the weekend:

By no means am I done with hyperbolic crochet.
I have at least two big projects in mind.
But it will be slow going
I have to first attend to the pile of empty canvases waiting for me.
So back to work I go!