Here are my two most recent paintings:

“Santa” (Oil on 12×12 inch canvas)

My friend, Loretta, suggested Santa as the next subject for our oil painting class.
The class embraced the idea and dove into the project.
  We enjoyed ourselves AND learned quite a bit about portraiture.
The most important tip I want to remember:
In portraiture, it is good to do a complete underpainting in viridian.
(Viridian is gorgeous blue-green color).
I think it’s counter intuitive because we don’t look at faces and think “green.”
But that viridian underpainting helps to create depth and richness in the finished piece.

“The Snowman” (Oil on 12×12 inch canvas)

Right smack in the middle of working on Santa,
I decided he needed a buddy.
So I painted “The Snowman” to keep “Santa” company.
I’m tickled to add these two pieces to my collection of Christmas crafts and decorations.

Only a week and change to Christmas…
What shall we make next?