I’m all excited about my Christmas centerpieces.
They were SUPER easy to put together
and even better,
I can re-purpose them after the shindig I’m throwing tomorrow.

Eight potted European Cypress (purchased at Lowe’s)
Eight 2-quart paint buckets (also from Lowe’s)
and assorted wreath picks (salvaged from old holiday arrangements over the years).

It takes about 5 minutes to peel stickers off all the buckets,
jam the shrubbery into said buckets
and tuck a wreath pick under each little cypress.

For now, the greenery is hanging out all in a row on my dining table.
(Looking rather festive!)
Tomorrow, each pot will become a centerpiece on a cocktail table.
And here’s what I think is the best part…
The day after that,
I’m taking them all apart to be used for other projects.
The baby cypress will be planted in a row outside my dining room window.
When they outgrow that spot, they’ll move to the backyard.
The buckets will be the perfect containers to hold art and crafting supplies.
And the picks?
The picks get washed off and reused the next time I need a decorative holiday punch.
How’s that for reuse, reduce, recycle?