Remember that fiber exhibit I was prepping for?
It was REALLY amazing.

You know I was worried about my “craft” hanging out alongside real fiber “art.”
But I was also fretting about the unusually cold weather along the east coast.
Here in Charlotte,
the cold has been keeping people at home.
Would folks venture out into the cold?
In the dark?
Just to see some fiber art?

At C3 Lab for the TEXTURES exhibit

The happy answer to that was YES.
Yes they did.

What a heart warming experience to walk into C3 Lab to find it buzzing with people.

The CLTextile Artists (and I’m on that list!!)

I was equally excited to see MY name included on the list of participating CLTextile artists.

How cool to be part of the CLTextile group.
To be at C3 Lab.
To meet like minded people with a love of making.

Every piece in this show was an intricate work of someone’s hands and heart.

My “Out on a Limb” on display at the TEXTILES exhibit

When I noticed people clustered around my piece,
I was delighted that they were taking the time to study the little details.
Didn’t think I could get any happier.
…Til someone mentioned the local news had been by earlier in the day,
And that they’d noticed “Out on a Limb.”

“Out on a Limb” by Val Chan

That’s when I found out my crafty little bird even made it on the local news.
Here’s the link to some clips from Wilson’s World talking about our fiber show.
  My piece shows up in the last three minutes of the clip.

My cup runneth over.