Finally ready to share about the three paintings I so worked hard on last month:

“Forgotten” (Oil on 16×20 inch canvas)

My first painting was “Forgotten.”
Inspired by a photo, the creepy art I did for my “Spooky” collection and a red chair.
Remember that red chair from a painting assignment back in June?
Initially, I thought it was a ratty, ugly chair and I hated it.
By the time I finished the exercise,
I knew it was a ratty, ugly chair and I’d developed a strange emotional attachment to it.

These paintings were for the “Intersection” art exhibit at C3 Lab.
I mentioned it in an earlier post,
but in case you missed it –
My studio is now located at C3 Lab in South End (Charlotte, NC).
I love the energy there.
Feeling SO lucky to part of something this cool.

Back to the chairs…
I still wasn’t finished with red chairs after I painted “Forgotten.”

“Waiting” (Oil on 16×20 inch canvas)

So it was back to the internet to look for photo inspiration
I added a second red chair to this set.

I should be out in real world making thumbnail sketches and taking my own photos.
Frankly, I’m just not there yet.
I’m still using other people’s photos as painting references.

“Worn” (Oil on 16×20 inch canvas)

Third and last chair:
This one is my favorite.
Once again, I started with a photo found on the internet.

I loved, Loved, LOVED the backdrop in this photo.
I was smitten with the indigo, brick red, grey and yellow color combination.
I had a lovely time painting “Worn.”

When I finished this third painting,
I was still so inspired with the color palette that I cranked out the “Indigo” paintings.

Painted for the Gallery C3 Intersection Show

Here they are together.

All three painted in under three weeks.
Which was quite the lesson in focus and discipline.
Speaking of which,
It’s past time to get back to my easel.