“Oh Rooster” (oil on 8×10 inch canvas)

I’ve been remiss keeping up with my blog posts.
Things have been a little nutty recently.
I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Speaking of chickens,
I’m once again in the mood to paint them.
For the record,
I don’t like real chickens.
I think they are freaky and stupid.
I just like the idea of chickens… and chicken art.

In the middle of painting this chicken,
the words “the fair and the fowl” suddenly popped into my head.
It’s completely cheesy,
but it made me laugh out loud.

“The Fair and the Fowl.”
It’d be a room full of beautiful landscape and flower paintings.
And crazy chicken paintings popping up here and there between all the pretty.
You may not find it amusing.
But I’m completely entertained by the thought of it.
I just might have to do it…