My boys and I take turns choosing our read alouds.
It’s only fair.
But I don’t always enjoy their picks.
Case in point:  “The Roar” by Emma Clayton.
My middle schooler has read this dystopian novel multiple times.
He was excited to share the story with us.
While I appreciate his enthusiasm,
I find this book very mediocre.
The basic idea of this book has promise.
People crammed in overcrowded walled cities due to a terrible animal plague that has resulted in the destruction of life as we know it today.
The message for us to be better caretakers of our planet is a good one.
The twist at the end of the story is a surprise as well.
But I think this book needed stronger editing.
 Most distracting to me are the ubiquitous compound sentences joined by the word “and.”
Perhaps a small point to gripe about.
But try reading a few pages of this book aloud.
Put a little emphasis on the “and” every time it unnecessarily connects two sentences.
You’ll hear yourself reading that word too often.
It gets annoying.
I also wish characters were less one dimensional.
Situations fleshed out a little more.
Just a handful of pages left to this book.
Then, onto its sequel.
(Even bigger sigh).
Then back to a book of my choice.
Can’t wait.