It’s where people from all over the world create and then share.
Each participant chooses a creative action.
Does it 100 times.
Records that action with a quick pic.
Then adds the appropriate hashtags & posts to instagram.
Simple as that.

You know I couldn’t resist joining in.
Never mind that I’m running around like a bat out of hell…
Out of breath.
Always trying to catch up.
And ignoring the steady build up of paperwork on my desk.
Something creative?
  That I compulsively do 100 times?
Why not?

I am currently 10 days into the 100 day project.
So far… so decent.
Harder than I thought it’d be.
It’s definitely making me think.
And forcing me to play.
Overall, that’s a good thing.
Though I’ve already had days I kicked myself for starting this.

My “creative action” is to create 100 mixed media drawings.
No particular theme.
Just quick and simple.
With the goal to keep an open mind and to complete one drawing a day for all 100 days.

Without further ado,
Here’s what I’ve drawn these first 10 days:

1/100 (watercolors, pen, washi tape)

2/100 (watercolor, pen, washi tape)

3/100 (watercolor pencils, pen)

4/100 (watercolor pencils, pen)

5/100 (watercolors, pen)

6/100 (watercolor, pen)

7/100 (watercolor pencils, pen)

8/100 (pen and ink)

9/100 (pen and ink)

10/100 (pen and ink)

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