Finished the birds.
Started last week with some paper and an idea.
Progressed to cutting and pasting.
Then spent hours of meticulously “quilting” the cutouts to the background paper.
As I mentioned last week,
The birds will hang in a column in my powder room.
Here’s how they will look from top to bottom:

One more time but closer up:
 A few tips & tricks for stitching on paper:
  • To minimize risk of tearing the paper as I stitched, I added a second layer of card stock behind the background paper.  I glued the two piece of card stock together only at the corners.
  • I used a thumbtack to punch holes first before following with actual needle and thread.  I put a piece of corrugated cardboard under the card stock to give the thumbtack something to punch into.  I did not use a ruler.  Instead, I just eyeballed the distance from one pinhole to the next.
  • Be wary of punching the holes too close to the edges of the paper cutouts or too close together.  Both increase the risk of tearing through the cutouts when stitching.
  • Tears and little rips are inevitable.  Stay calm.  If possible, dab a little glue where the paper ripped and gently pat paper back into place.
  • I used back stitch.
  • Stitching served the dual purpose of adding depth to the collage and securing each cutout to the background paper.  I originally used a glue stick to adhere the cutouts.  This holds only temporarily.
  • When stitching on paper, pull needle and thread gently.  Check each stitch to make sure stitch is taut but not too tight.  Once again, the main concern is tearing the paper.
  • Work patiently.  Paper is not forgiving of stitching mistakes.