Does creating the Ultimate Craft Room count as crafting?
Here’s my latest project & new favorite space in our crazy big house:
The Craft Room.
Val’s NEW Corner.
Sewing Room.
I’ve been dreaming of “A Room of Her Own” forever.
Just wanted a place to
Store all the crafty crap I’ve accumulated over the years.
I’ve carved out multiple versions of my dream space.
Was the envy of quite a few NYC friends when I allocated an entire closet in our apartment for crafting supplies.
Got to be the talk of the neighborhood (for a split second) when I opened my shop,
Unfortunately, less than a year later,
Met with a little misfortune which resulted in closing down said shop.
Grappled with frustration and depression and then
A teeny tiny space.
But also bright and cheery and 
Still plenty big enough for laughs and lessons with friends and students.
Then out of the blue,
A sparkling fresh opportunity.
Much as we loved NYC,
We packed it all up and moved to Charlotte, NC.
A totally new life.
A completely different rhythm.
Of course, 
Homesick for NYC.
For excitement, options and just plain everyday weirdness all around.
 But the new life is darn good too.
The most obvious trade up is space.
Which brings us back to The Ultimate Craft Room.
 More commonly known as a “bonus room.”
An unheard of luxury in NYC.
One ginormous room over a three car garage.
If that wasn’t enough,
a doorway leading to a second biggish room
(just begging to be turned into a sewing room).
Items to change:
Funky concentric circle paint job
(I like it as a kid craft but not on my walls).
Nasty pee smelling carpets.
Dark wobbly fans.
Floors first.
Floor guys ripped all the smelly carpets out of house.
They made for a big pile of steamy stink on my driveway.
So grateful when they hauled it all away.
Love the sleek ebony finish on the new hardwood floor.
 I should have waited til after painting to unpack.
But I figured painting around stuff was no worse than painting around piles of boxes.
 A huge thank you to Omar & his fabulous painting crew!
What a change, huh?
 A plethora of built in shelves.
Interesting little nooks and recesses.
Sloped ceilings.
Pretty white trimmed windows.
A neutral warm grey color.
The perfect blank canvas
Where I can get making again.
 Love, love, LOVE my new space.
Is this
Is this not…
The Ultimate Craft Room?