Valentine Bookmarks by Val and Ethan
Ethan and I made Valentine bookmarks yesterday.  We had a great time crafting these and are really happy with our results.
If you’d like to know how we made our bookmarks, please read on!
The supplies to make the bookmarks are:
  • Card stock
  • Ribbon (we used elastic “ribbon” I bought from the after Christmas clearance bins at Target)
  • Pony beads
  • Glitter
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Gel pen
  • Hole punch 
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter / trimmer (optional)
  • Corner rounding punch

 Steps to creating each bookmark are:

  1. Cut card stock to a rectangle 2 inches by 6 inches.  I used a paper cutter/trimmer to do this
  2. Use a corner rounding punch to round the edges
  3. Punch a hole to thread the ribbon through
  4. Thread a 12 inch ribbon through the punched hole.  I folded the ribbon in half, pushed the loop through the hole and then pulled the ends of the ribbon through the loop
  5. Thread 3 pony beads onto the ribbons.  Use a slip knot to secure the beads on the ribbon
  6. Use crayons to color a square at the bottom of the bookmark.  We decided to use one color shade darker than the card stock
  7. Use glue to “color” a heart in the middle of the crayoned square.  Sprinkle glitter uniformly over the glue.  Let the glitter sit for a minute, then tap off the excess
  8. Use the gel pen to create a border about the crayoned square.  I wrote standard “Happy Valentine” messages

And our Valentine bookmark is ready to go!

Ethan and I worked on the bookmarks before and after school yesterday.  He was in charge of punching the corners, coloring in the squares and sorting out the beads.  We planned for him to give these out to his class.  We powered through 36 bookmarks before I thought to check with his teacher – will their class be celebrating Valentines?  Are we allowed to hand these out?

What do you think the answer to that is?

Turns out, E’s class is not celebrating Valentines … they’re going to celebrate the 100th day of school instead.  Each child is supposed to bring in 100 creative somethings.  E suggested we keep making bookmarks until we hit 100.  Simon offered to take our crafts to his class since they will be exchanging Valentines.  Si grinned like the Cheshire cat the whole time because this meant he would neither need to buy or make his own Valentines.

E and I rolled our eyes at each other.  We gifted our freshly crafted bookmarks to Simon.  Then we put our heads together to begin planning what kind of something we’d like to make 100 of.