When my littler boy was six years old,
We suffered a small Valentine’s tragedy.
Shortly before the holiday,
Our then school announced that Valentine’s day would no longer be celebrated at school.
Parents received an email urging us “not to buy into the hype” of cards and candy.
The children were informed that they would observe a “Respect for All Day” instead.
 I really really wanted to comment that everyday should be a “respect for all day.”
But I kept my mouth shut. 
I had such fond memories of giving and receiving Valentine’s notes and cards as a kid.
I was sad to see another holiday banned from school.
My littler guy reluctantly put away the handmade crafts he’d prepared for his classmates.
I attempted to cheer him up by promising a special celebration at home.
Valentine’s Day arrived.
Or, “Respect for All Day” if you want to be PC about it.
My six year old came home weeping as if his heart had broken.
Not all the teachers had obeyed the memo.
He had witnessed kindergarten teachers clandestinely stuffing little decorated brown paper bags with colorful Valentine’s treats their students had prepared for each other.
For months he cried over that memory.
Think I’m still a little scarred from all of that.
What mom doesn’t hurt when her kid is hurting?
Fast forward to today.
He’s ten.
In a new town and a new school.
A school where the children pass out Valentine’s to each other 
And are allowed to bring decorated bags to collect their own cards and treats.
He wrinkled his nose and said he didn’t care.
But damned if I was going to let him miss out on this childhood rite.
Even if I had to make the bag and cards myself…
 He didn’t want to decorate a bag.
“I’ll just use a paper bag,” he said.
I countered with the offer to sew one for him.
I’d make it with my favorite grey felt.
But plain.
It’d be heavy enough to stay standing like a basket on his desk.
But would have handles and could double as a bag when he was ready to come home.
Would he agree to just one red felt heart pinned to the bag?
(Dimensions and details for bag outlined in above picture).
Plain grey felt and one red heart felt a little too plain.
I took a risk and added Valentine’s colored strapping for handles.
Made a short version of the basket/bag.
And a tall one.
He claimed the shorter bag.
Now we just need to assemble the treats and cheesy message he’ll be handing out in class.
(Thank goodness for Pinterest & idea sharing!)
Maybe he’s just a good kid and has been humoring me.
Maybe I’m still trying to make it up to that six year old who was so devastated when his school banned Valentine’s Day.
Or maybe,
He really still loves the idea of Valentine’s.
And he just needs to say his mom insisted…
Whichever the reason.
I’m just glad he gets to experience this bit of fun.
Happy Valentine’s to my E.