This is how dorky I am:
I obsessed all weekend about how to best pull together an art travel kit.
Once I decided which supplies I wanted to schlep around with me,
the real conundrum was what I’d use to house all those tchotchkes.

I wanted my supplies to fit in one container with a handle.
Said container had to be aesthetically pleasing to me.
It had to sit upright.
It needed a small footprint for the times I find myself sharing teeny tiny cafe tables with other artists.
I had to have easy access to all my supplies with minimal unpacking.
Fully loaded, it still needed to be relatively light and easy to carry.
So what to use as my art kit carrier?

Til now, my go to has been a wooden cigar box.
But I’ve outgrown it and have been looking for something larger.
I love the look at the classic artist wooden pochade box.
But geez, those things are expensive.
And I bet they weigh a ton fully loaded with art supplies.
Plastic is light…
But plastic is ugly.
No Art Bins for me thank you very much.
How about a vintage metal toolbox?
Ohhh… I do like the look of those.
But the one I have has a broken latch.
The last thing I’d want is my art stuff spilling all over the place.
What to use…
What to use?

Muji Makeup Pouch (7″x9″x7″)

Enter the Muji makeup pouch with handle.
A big THANK YOU to Lollalane for sharing about her art journaling supplies.
I had a transcendent moment when I saw her things housed in a Muji makeup pouch.
Hey, I had one of those sitting around!
And since I don’t actually own makeup,
of course it should be used to carry my art stuff.

Here’s my filled Muji art pouch at a glance.
It’s the perfect carrier for my supplies.

I bought my Muji pouch a few years ago.
 It measures 7 inches x 9 inches x 7 inches.
This may differ some from the ones in stock today.

Curious to know what I’m toting around town?
Here’s the list of what currently resides in “Val’s Super Cool Art Travel Kit:”

Faber-Castel PITT artist pens in sepia and black
05 Micron Pens in assorted colors
Pentel mechanical pencil with twist eraser
0.9 HB lead refills
A pair of scissors
Nifty metal straight edge (from Stacy Lee)
A small plastic organizer acting as a pen holder
A selection of washi tape
Small paper clips
4 watercolor brushes
1 trashy brush for mod podge
An elastic hair band to hold the brushes together when in transit and to hold my hair back when I’m working
Mod podge in a glass spice bottle
Small glass jar with screw on lid to hold water
Small plastic water spritzer
2″x3″ cardstock
A length of red and white bakers twine
Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Half-Pan Paint Metal Set of 48 colors
Charcoal in the silly blue bunny tin that makes me laugh
Three fake yellow flowers that remind me of walking through NYC Soho
And last, but not least, an pic of my beloved Barkus.

This little bag sure can hold a lot, huh?

The one thing I’m still carrying separately are my art journals.
I’m currently using Strathmore art journals.
One 500 series for mixed media work.
One 400 series for watercolors.
I use an elastic loop to hold the books together when I’m not using them.

I’m ridiculously pleased by how well my art kit has come together.

It has a very minimal, efficient look when in transit.
Simple and understated on the outside.
But once I unzip the pouch and open my art journals,
All the pretty stuff and the silly stuff show through and light my day.