“Where Am I?”
Collage & Ink
(Art Journal)
Val Chan
Sept. 17, 2015
Attended an Art Journal open studio this week.
My first meet up ever.
No particular agenda or project in mind.
Just hoped to connect with others and to create a little.
A moment of awkwardness as I joined a group of strangers.
But strangeness doesn’t last long
When you’re coming together over journals, scissors, glues and paints.
Soon enough,
We were laughing and chatting as we worked alongside each other.
What fun to have access to our host’s art supplies and ephemera.
(Thank you Brooke!)
No goal or vision of what I wanted to make.
My hands sifted through supplies and chose what they wanted.
An old Georgia map.
A tear page of a paperdoll.
One lone mailing label.
A time for light conversation and moments of pondering.
Cutting and pasting all the while.
There really is a meditative quality to collage art.
When I finished,
I realized I had something to say this day after all.
How intriguing.